Websites to Watch: TROUVAIS

Continuing my series of Friday posts about interesting blogs or websites today, I’m going to talk about TROUVAIS, a site owned an operated by someone whose first name is Trish and whose last name might be Lyon-Allen. (When you visit the site, you will see at once that the owner keeps a low profile to allow you to enjoy her site).

In her post titled Behind Trouvais, Trish tells us that Trouvais is the French word for found.

But it actually has a gentler meaning than the usual word for found, trouvé, as in objet trouvé or found object. This is because Trouvais is in the imperfect tense (rather than the perfect), so it literally means I was finding, giving an impression of continuous delight, rather than of a sudden event.

The reason why I chose this site is because it is unique. Trish has obviously put an enormous amount of effort into her site, spending hours finding and scanning wonderful photos of French-inspired country life that encompasses, flowers, gardens, furniture and objects. It is so beautiful, it is relaxing, and it will make you smile. If you are having a bad day at the office, this is the perfect site for you. Click here to enjoy.


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