Book Review: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

This is one of the saddest books I have ever read, yet I could not put it down.  McCarthy’s language is gorgeously poetic:

“He pushed away the plastic tarpaulin and raised himself in the stinking robes and blankest and looked toward the east for any light but there was none. In the dream from which he’d wakened he had wandered in a cave where the child led him by the hand. Their light playing over the wet flowstone walls…”

theroadThe book is written in very short sections, which feel like steps along the road, helping you to measure out your endurance as you travel with the man and boy in their grey world.

It is a measure of McCarthy’s achievement that this seemingly dreary journey is in fact not boring at all.  You will leave the book with an indelible image of what it is like to live in a world that has been destroyed. For those people who love literature and do not mind tackling grim issues during the Holiday Season, this is the perfect present.

–Cynthia Haggard is a medical writer and editor and lives in Washington DC.  She owns her own business, Clarifying Concepts, which provides teaching, technical writing, training, writing for the public and regulatory affairs services.  To see more, please go to clarifyingconcepts. (c) 2009 All rights reserved.

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