Poem: Moving Away

I’ve become a different person since I moved away.  images
I left my home, left my country, traveled many miles and landed in a place I did not know.
I had to learn how to live anew.
I had to create a life, make plans, make new friends, set a course of study, seek advice, and accomplish goals.
I was eager to learn, so I snapped up every opportunity that came my way.
And over many years I discovered things that surprised me about myself.
I did not know I was practical.
I didn’t realize how much I thrived in the real world, after living in a world of dreams in my head.
I didn’t realize I had the quickness to cut deals in a freewheeling, wheeler-dealer society. And so I changed.
A dear friend once told me that I was like a roseimg1 growing over a wall, spreading my petals in the sunshine.
And so I made myself a home.
Found a family in my friends.
And made myself comfortable,
Like a cat.

–Cynthia Haggard writes short stories, novels and poetry.  During the day, she is a medical writer and owns her own business.  For more on her creative writing, go to spunstories.  For more about her medical writing services, go to clarifyingconcepts.  (c) 2009. All rights reserved.

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